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    What is precision stamping and ordinary stamping

    Release date: 2018-02-01 14:47:22 Visits: 1633

    Precision stamping and ordinary stamping are essentially different, precision stamping refers to a variety of materials punched out by precision press, the precision stamping itself has higher accuracy than ordinary stamping requirements, such as the terminal piece, USB interface, the motor stator , Air-conditioning fin, EI film, etc., demand, product precision demanding. Ordinary stamping on the precision requirements will not be too high, manufacturers stand to consider the point of saving costs, will consider ordinary stamping.
    In precision stamping parts processing production process, stamping coil or forming, we must consider the appropriate precision punch, mold, materials, lubricants and other technical support.
    Precision stamping needs precision punch supporting the production, punch structure, pressure effects and safety devices have the following requirements:
    1, high rigidity in vertical and horizontal direction
    2, mold installation table, the installation of mold liner, the resulting deformation is minimal
    3, easy to reach the best working condition
    4, there must be measures to prevent mold damage, for precision punching machine, in addition to the stamping force of the machining center, as a way to improve the deformation of the processing of materials, the favorable method is to have to produce hydrostatic hydrostatic two auxiliary Pressure generating device. One is along the part outline design on the pressure plate on the Y-shaped ring-shaped protrusions, because the punching pressure of about 50% for the pressure on the material being processed, called the ring gear plate. Another end of the product back to the feeder, the application of about 25% of the main blanking pressure, called the back pressure. The three pressures do not interfere with each other, and the pressure and the size of the synchronization must be suitable for forming and punching, and other processing requirements, and can be adjusted, in addition, the processing speed must be shaped or punched according to processing requirements of the object to be adjusted . Not only for the construction of the mold requires a simple and lightweight, but also to fit the requirements. In the processing of thick, easy to produce deformation of the mold, due to the use of the center bearing, so there is no significant deformation. Even in the blanking process, the workpiece is squeezed into the die, if the ejector retreat, the die is also supported inside the central support. If the ring gear plate connected to the side of the hydraulic piston, the piston back, the die plate is still supported by the central bearing pressure plate side, so at any time will not damage the rigidity.
    Ordinary stamping although the accuracy is low, but also has its specific market demand, the thickness of the substrate thick, do not need cutting, cutting, drawing and other processes, stamping materials are plates, pipes, etc., Ordinary stamping to meet the requirements.
    Specific choice of what kind of punch, customer friends can choose according to their own stamping characteristics, if the required amount of stamping parts particularly large, but also high precision, budget allows the choice of high precision punch press. If the accuracy of stamping less demanding, and is the ordinary sheet metal stamping, then choose ordinary punch and low-speed punch stamping parts can be.

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