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    Remanufacturing is bound to be the new industry of light machine

    Release date: 2018-02-01 14:52:13 Visits: 1512

    Although China''s remanufacturing industry has great potential for development, due to lack of understanding, there are still bottlenecks such as the lack of policy support, the imperfect legal system, the lack of market supervision and the lack of key R & D capabilities.
    Remanufacturing industry refers to the original industry, based on the use of technical means of waste products to repair and transform an industry. It is based on the product life cycle theory as a guide to achieve the performance of waste products as the goal of an industry.
    At present, the vast majority of machine tools used in our country are ordinary machine tools. A huge number of ordinary machine tools, safety issues highlighted. Therefore, security has become a major obstacle to its development. Increase safety performance, improve the intrinsic safety level of the machine tool, and solve the problems of lower numerical control degree, frequent personnel injury accidents, lower safety level and lower production efficiency.
    Ordinary machine tools to complete the NC transformation, the machine can greatly improve the processing efficiency and automation, the degree of intelligence. Reduce the possibility of operator contact with dangerous parts; operating system and user interface more and more ergonomic requirements, which can effectively reduce operator error rate and reduce errors caused by accidents. After the CNC machine transformation, the safety performance has been significantly improved, the accident rate significantly reduced, will bring huge safety benefits.
    Ordinary CNC machine tools compared with the purchase of new machines, especially large, special machine is particularly evident. Experts said that the general transformation of large machines, new machines only purchase costs 1/3, while the NC transformation can also be saved due to all the updates caused by the corresponding energy consumption and pollution emissions. The implementation of many ordinary machine tools to transform and update, the formation of hundreds of billions of dollars to update the market demand, to maintain economic growth can play a role.
    According to the experience of transformation in the past, the common CNC machine transformation, the machine efficiency has improved significantly. The original one machine needs a person control, after the transformation of a worker can control two machines at the same time. After the transformation of the machine tool processing accuracy increased significantly, caused by human error rate was significantly reduced. Moreover, the labor intensity of workers is reduced, the labor force is saved, the trial period and production cycle of new products are shortened, and huge economic benefits are brought to the enterprise.
    From the development of the machine tool industry, remanufacturing is the most effective way to re-use CNC machine tools. At present, there is a huge market for CNC machine tools in China, and the transformation of traditional industries with new technologies should not only improve technological innovation but also rapidly develop emerging industries.

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